Oct 27

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Friday, October 27, 2016 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ASTROLOGY VIBRATIONS for Friday, October 28, 2016:
Today’s Moon in Libra can uplift peacemakers by personalizing the Venus-Jupiter sextile, as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter rewards positive thinking and showers you with blessings. Smile and the world smiles with you. Even when life is good, you can take compliments in stride, stay balanced, and get things done, without letting controversy push you over the edge. You are connected!

NEW Blog post: The Sun enters Scorpio – but first, a Last Quarter Moon

MOON PHASE: Balsamic

Astrology in the sky tonight. Venus, Saturn, & Mars are visible in the evening sky.

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Oct 22

The Sun enters Scorpio – but first, a Last Quarter Moon

Last Quarter Moon
Sun enters Scorpio
October 22, 2016

Just 4 1/2 hours before the Sun enters Scorpio, Libra sends out its last call for peace with a Last Quarter Moon in Cancer.
Continue reading

Oct 15

Dirty Fighting: SUPER Full Moon on October 16, 2016

SUPER Full Moon in Aries
October 16, 2016
@ 12:23 AM
Moon @ 23 Aries 14
Sun @ 23 Libra 14
Eris @ 23 Aries 5

The Full Moon in Aries is a SUPER Full Moon because the Moon is at its closest point to the Earth (perigee) on October 16. This FULL MOON will be YUGE. Continue reading

Oct 08

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn: power storm

First Quarter Moon
Sunday, October 9, 2016
@ 12:33 AM EDT
in Capricorn

It’s a power storm of a First Quarter Moon – turning the inside out. Let’s find some clearing… Continue reading

Sep 30

New Moon in Libra: beyond distractions

New Moon in Libra
September 30, 2016
@ 8:12 PM EDT

The endless stream of things to do, the distractions that disturb the flow, make us tense, and turn harmony into clashes – are they real? Or are they smoke & mirrors we choose to believe, because we are so distracted… Continue reading