Jul 21

Artcharts Astro Transit Tracker > July 21 – 27, 2014


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The Sun enters Leo this week. Applause!!!
Happy Birthday Leo super STARS!

Here are this week’s TRANSITING ASPECTS…
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Jul 14

Artcharts Astro Transit Tracker > July 14 – 20, 2014


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Jupiter changes signs once a year – and it’s THIS WEEK.

Here are this week’s TRANSITING ASPECTS…
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Jul 10

SUPER FULL MOON: Reality has sent you a friend request


SUPER Full Moon
in Capricorn
on July 12, 2014
@ 7:25 AM EDT
Moon @ 20 Capricorn 03
Sun @ 20 Cancer 03

This is a SUPER Full Moon because the Moon is at its closest point (perigee) to the Earth the day after the Full Moon – on July 13. The next Full Moon – August 10 – will be the biggest SUPER Full Moon of 2014.

For all you Manhattan dwellers and visitors, July 12 is also Manhattanhenge, the (second) time the Sun sets exactly with the street grid. (2014′s first Manhattanhenge on May 28 was overcast, and not visible. This happens twice – astrologically, May 28 and July 12 are equal distance from Solstice, or Solstice point, also called antiscia)

The FULL MOON is in Capricorn, opposing the SUN in Cancer.

This makes SATURN, ruler of Capricorn, the Full Moon ruler.

Saturn is making some very helpful connections in this chart.

Saturn is in Scorpio – trine the Sun, sextile the Moon. Saturn is also trine Chiron, mentor, maverick, wounded healer. This creates a GRAND TRINE. Saturn is also Retrograde, but is stationing DIRECT and will make its DIRECT station next Sunday, July 20. This is a strong, positive Saturn.

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Jul 07

Fun vs Work: July 6 – 11

Ah… the week AFTER vacation time. Some of us are back to our routine. Are you excited? Do you want to be at work? Or do you want more time to have fun, do what you enjoy, spend more time with friends, live your life without having to devote so much time to taking care of responsibilities? For many of us, this week will bring these question into high focus.

[Astro note: the Sun and Venus are making aspects to Saturn and Uranus, planets of work (Saturn) and rebellion (Uranus). Please see this week's Transit Tracker for aspects and dates.]

If you feel that you haven’t had enough time to unwind before getting back to the grind, here are a few questions you may be asking yourself this week.

Is your inner slave driver ruling your life?

Do you give yourself enough time to enjoy your life, friends, success?

If your work is NOT your passion, do you have enough time off to enjoy your passions? Setting aside time to think, dream, create can be essential for a happy, fulfilled life. This may mean spending less time doing what pays the bills.

Rebelling against the system, especially the system you created, can meet with endless challenges and more resistance this week. While choosing to take care of responsibilities be a breeze. Before looking ahead with dread, remember – this is just part of the path you chose. Not every aspect of the work is exactly what you love to do, yet it is all part of the whole.

It is also a question of taking responsibility for making choices. Taking your power back from the authorities that “make” you do something. When you give an authority figure your power, you put yourself in the child role and you may need to rebel. And since you are putting all your energy into rebelling against, you don’t receive the rewards for your work.

Are you a victim of overwork or have you made an empowering decision to get something accomplished? If you can accept your choices, this week can add to your success.

More on this in the upcoming SUPER FULL Moon post….

Active aspects this week:
Venus sextiles Uranus
Venus quincunx Saturn (Rx)
Pallas quincunx Uranus
Sun squares Uranus
Sun trines Saturn (Rx)

Jul 06

Astro Trendy Transit Tracker > July 7 – 13, 2014


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This is a BIG week! There’s a SUPER Full Moon on Saturday morning.
Watch for a very BIG Moon Friday night.
And Mercury goes back into Cancer… this Retrograde phase is almost really over. Yay!

Here are this week’s TRANSITING ASPECTS… It’s Summer!
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