Mar 02

Jupiter & Uranus: Your lucky break through and how to keep it going…


March roars in with a BIG roar !

Jupiter trines Uranus on March 3.

Venus joins Uranus and also trines Jupiter.

This is abundant love and optimism that you’ll want to share with the world.

But let’s back up a few days. On Feb 27, Jupiter will be exactly quincunx Pluto. This is a crisis of faith.

And let’s fast forward a week as Uranus squares Pluto for the 7th (and last) time.

How do we integrate such seemingly dissimilar yet simultaneous aspects?

Any contact between outer planets means big things are happening – worldwide.

All of these transiting aspects at once underscore the many events happening in our world right now. And maybe in your life as well.

While most people associate JUPITER with luck and opportunity, Jupiter is really a symbol of EXPANSION. Jupiter makes everything it touches BIGGER.

Let’s expand this.

Jupiter is in the part of Leo (2nd decanate) ruled by Jupiter. And Uranus is in the part of Aries (2nd decanate) ruled by Leo. This puts Jupiter and Uranus in a mutually beneficial relationship. They work well together, and the trines make that relationship effortless.

For what?!

Self-expansion. If it’s negative ego expansion, this can take you right into the Jupiter-Pluto quincunx, and the Uranus-Pluto square” (March 16)

Let’s not forget – Jupiter is Retrograde in Leo and will station DIRECT on April 8. This means there is a SECOND Jupiter-Uranus trine – on June 22 – conjunct Summer Solstice. Promises made now may not be REALized until the beginning of Summer (Winter in the Southern Hemisphere). This doesn’t mean to stop trying, promoting, marketing, broadcasting – but it also means you may have to patiently build momentum as you continue to expand yourSelf.

We’re not talking negative ego expansion. This is an OPPORTUNITY for positive self-image expansion, the kind of expansion that literally puts you in position to manifest the life you see in your future mind’s eye.

The reason we don’t manifest – or it’s temporary if we do – is that our manifestation has to be equal to our self-image. If it’s not, we lose the momentum. Often quickly. Or we don’t really try, we sabotage ourselves because we don’t really think we deserve it, are ready for it, can do what it takes, or even have what it takes.

So what’s your self-image and what is it based on?

Is your identity based on who you were as you grew up? Do you still get your self-identity from your family of origin, your friends from childhood? As an adult, you have the power to create your own identity, your own self-image – without the negative ego build-up of your past history. And this can limit your growth. And Jupiter-Uranus encourages growth – both personally and socially. (Uranus loves groups.)

With Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in the Leo decanate of Ares, self-love is the key to expanding your self-image. It’s self-love that can lift you above the cultural judgments of yourself that hold you back, prevent you from achieving and sharing all you are. Sure, who would want someone who looks like me, is too young, or too old, or too fat, too or not enough whatever. Fill in the blank. It’s not to feel superior, but to become who YOU are. Make your own choices. Find YOUR opportunities. Achieve YOUR SUCCESS.

Not growing, not expanding your self-image, can find your repeating old patterns. And here comes a big one as Uranus squares Pluto for the 7th (and final!) time on March 16.

Success can be permanent. But it doesn’t have to be. Success can suddenly shrink and collapse – again – if you are not letting your self-image grow.

You are not just what you are doing now. Believing you are will keep you in a limited pattern. Self-image is not about anything external – what you look like, how wealthy you are, how successful you appear to be – it’s about how YOU see your reality, as friendly or hostile, open or closed to love and healing. This is about self-discovery, growing your self-awareness, becoming aware of your divine self.

What do YOU choose to experience, contribute, learn, grow, discover?

Your self-image doesn’t have to stop growing!

What MORE can you accept about who you are?!

So, now that your self-image is pumped, what are you going to DO?


Jupiter-trine-Uranus is a golden opportunity to promote yourself, your creative projects, your social media, your groups and achievements. This is a media-blitz aspect. An opportunity to take your marketing and promotion to the next level – no matter what you do.

As you share your love, wisdom, and genius with your group – including all dimensional beings! – you feel more love, wisdom, and genius coming to you FROM your group.

Send your love out to your friends, your group, your crew. And keep expanding your light. And let the opportunities grow…

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Feb 28

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Feb 17

SUPER Aquarius New Moon: on the verge


There is SO MUCH going on at this SUPER New Moon in Aquarius. Here are the main events happening on February 18.

Moon and Sun conjunct to form the NEW MOON in Aquarius.
THis is the SECOND New Moon in Aquarius. AND the Moon is at a close point to the Earth, making this a SUPER New Moon, even though it’s not visible.

This New Moon takes place at 29 degrees Aquarius, 59 minutes of arc @ 6:47:16 PM EST. This is literally the last minute of Aquarius. The Moon enters Pisces @ 6:47:26 PM EST – that is literally 10 seconds after the New Moon!

Then the Sun enters Pisces @ 6:49:49 PM EST – just 2 minutes after the New Moon.

This is a double-doorway †o the future! And a tribute to Aquarius, a last chance to plant a seed idea for your future.

Planets at 29 degrees of any sign represent the full power of the sign, fully realized. And this Sun-Moon conjunction (NEW Moon) is at the absolute end of Aquarius, blending Pisces energy into the mix.

While you have developed more intuition during Aquarius, as we enter Pisces you can learn to TRUST your intuition.

That’s not all!

At the New Moon, MARS will be the upcoming Eclipse degree. There is a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse on March 20 @ 29 Pisces 27. At the the Aquarius New Moon (Feb 18), Mars will be at 29 Pisces 13.

When Mars is at Eclipse points, energy is unleashed. Depending on the people who experience it, this can be anywhere from feeling energized to erupting in extreme violence.

Venus is currently traveling close to Mars and will be at the Eclipse point on February 20 (4:22 AM EST)

THEN – Venus and Mars will conjunct in Aries on February 22 (@ 12:12 AM EST) @ 1 Aries 41, which is an “Aries Point” representing the highest degree of activity – things happen at the Aries Point. Any planets or points in your chart which are at an Aries Point (0 Aries, 0 Cancer, 0 Libra, 0 Capricorn) are likely what you express and experience most in your life.

This is a doorway to the future. A brilliant opportunity to release the darkness of shame that limits your options for the future so you can start to embrace love and manifest your dreams. To embrace love means to accept the divine spark that is you. Enjoy it!


Feb 14

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This week features a SUPER New Moon in Aquarius on Wednesday – which is Lunar New Year!
Wednesday is a BIG astrology day – the SUPER New Moon @ 29 Aquarius 59 is the exact minute the Moon enters the next sign, Pisces. And the Sun also enters Pisces 2 minutes later.
We are on the verge of something new.
Renew your visions and ideas for the future. Open to your imagination and raise your vibrations.

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